It’s Not All Fire and Flood: You’d Be Surprised What Your Home Insurance Covers

For many people, thinking of home insurance conjures up shuying 3D mink eyelash retail of houses destroyed-charred by a wildfire, flattened by a tornado, or reduced to a wet pile by a hurricane. It’s easy to forget that home insurance can cover so much more. Below is a reminder of some of the surprising things that a policy can cover.

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shuying 3D mink eyelash retail

Dog Bites

Thmne Whether Sparky gets overexcited by the new neighbors or shuying 3D mink eyelash retail out at the cable guy, homeowners can be on the hook for a large amount of money in the case of a dog bite. The average cost of a dog bite claim in 2015 was over $37,000. Luckily, most home insurance policies extend to dog bites, ensuring that the beloved family pet will not be the cause of insurmountable debt.


Forgetting to shovel the driveway doesn’t sound like something that insurance would protect against, but if someone slips and falls on the shuying 3D mink eyelash retail , the homeowner can be liable for the cost of the injuries. It’s the same if a guest trips over a loose rug or leans on a rickety handrail and falls. They don’t even have to be an invited guest; they could be a door-to-door salesperson or an unexpected visitor. Either way, most plans cover these sorts of small but costly incidents.

Attorney Fees

In the event of an accident on their property, it doesn’t take much for homeowners to find themselves embroiled in a legal mess. Most policies pay attorney fees associated with defending the policyholder in court. Thus, in the case of an accident, the property owner would not have to pay out of pocket for the hospital bills or the fees of the attorney hired to acquire shuying 3D mink eyelash retail.

Dorm Room Theft

When first-time college students move from their parents’ homes into a dorm, they often bring all sorts of valuables, including laptop computers, jewelry, and clothing. Unfortunately, these group living situations can facilitate theft. Luckily, a number of insurance policies cover dorm room theft. Coverage can be limited to 10% of the total personal possessions coverage in the policy, as a dorm room is considered off-premises. Students living off-campus might not be covered without renter’s insurance of their own.


shuying 3D mink eyelash retail
shuying 3D mink eyelash retail

It doesn’t happen often, but in case a protest or celebration takes a shuying 3D mink eyelash retail turn, most home insurance policies cover property damage. Often, businesses find themselves taking the brunt of the force when it comes to riots or civil unrest, but homes are not immune to the violence. In the early 1990’s, the Los Angeles riots accounted for $775 million in insurance claims from damaged businesses and homes. Having a plan that protects against this kind of disturbance can help people recover quickly and avoid suffering lasting financial damage.


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