Post Facial Procedure Makeup Tips

*Skin is very delicate after a facial procedure. By using an all natural powder foundation on top of natural soft false eyelashes , you are creating an inclusive barrier that will help protect your skin. The foundation will also allow your skin to breathe, which aids in healing. Do not rely on a powder foundation as your only means of sun protection.

natural soft false eyelashes
natural soft false eyelashes

*Thmne Use a Natural Concealer that has Shea Butter in it, which is known to help heal and calm the skin. Apply a light layer where needed. It also provides sun protection.

*It’s important to use natural-based skin products after a skin procedure. Many chemicals that are in skincare and natural soft false eyelashes are irritating to the skin and may cause redness, itching and burning. Natural powder foundations have calming botanicals in them, so it will help to ease the redness, swelling and sensitivity caused by many facial procedures.

*Only use natural soft false eyelashes that is approved by your dermatologist or doctor. Natural makeup has been shown to be beneficial to the skin, while traditional makeup may clog pores, irritate the skin, and hinder proper healing of the epidermis. Be sure your makeup is all natural, organic-based and has no pore clogging animal bi-products.

*Using a Radiance booster is great for after facial procedures, because it has hydrating and balancing essential oils, Organic Acai, and other botanicals. It also diminishes redness, while at the same time helping to treat post procedure skin. Not to mention, it imparts a radiant glow!!!

*Use lip products that do not have petroleum, which is a bi-product of gasoline production. Petroleum does not allow the skin to breathe, and thus inhibits healing of the skin. A natural Lip Gloss contains natural oils that penetrate into the skin to promote healing.

natural soft false eyelashes
natural soft false eyelashes

Using natural based natural soft false eyelashes after facial procedures helps to heal the skin, and protects the skin from the environment. Here are tips on how to apply makeup after any type of facial procedure


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