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Product Review: Natural Makeup – Foundation

Jennetta Brokman, owner of Painted Laydies, had my foundation shipped to me very quickly. Because of the great details and clear invisible band mink lashes on the site, I was able to pick out my exact color on the site. Normally I wear CoverGirl Classic Ivory, and the Light #2 was a perfect match-up.

invisible band mink lashes
invisible band mink lashes

Thmne There were two pamphlets with information about the product were included. One pamphlet was an outline of the good this product does, and the bad a chemical-based make up can do. Very informative! The second pamphlet explained how to use each product Painted Ladies carries, including foundation, invisible band mink lashes , eyeliner, lip color, and blush. It also explained the many uses of several of their products.

After the foundation was carefully opened, the first thing I noticed was how full the small container was. Immediately I knew how well worth it this was, and how far they go to please a customer, I didn’t feel “cheated” at all, which very rare with most products on the market!

The instruction in the pamphlet were very clear, and the foundation extremely easy to put on. It was “loose” powder rather than compacted, so this also made it very easy to use. I didn’t have to break anything up, or use multiple layers. I found out quickly a little goes a long way, and you don’t have to try at all to pick up any on the brush.

I’m certainly impressed. Not only is this better for my skin since it’s natural, but it looks better when worn! I don’t have to use anything else with it. I’m use to liquid foundation and powder on top, but not with my “new” foundation. It works as both without looking “caked on”. Very beautiful! I will never use anything else again, and my “old” invisible band mink lashes is being tossed out.

invisible band mink lashes
invisible band mink lashes

Painted Laydies doesn’t try to hide their natural invisible band mink lashes – everything used can be seen right on their home page. In addition to foundation, you can also find blush, eyeliner, lip liner, and more.

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