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Make Small Eyes Look Great With These Makeup Tips

Emphasising your eyes is one of the most popular choices when it comes to accentuating a part of your face. If eyes are your best feature, it is important to know what to do to make them look even more striking. Have a browse through the fur 3d mink eyelashes tips for small eyes below.

fur 3d mink eyelashes
fur 3d mink eyelashes

Thmne Frame your fur 3d mink eyelashes with perfectly groomed eyebrows. If you have light colored hair, consider using a darker pencil to assist in shaping them.

– Try using an eyeshadow which contrasts with the colour of your eyes (the opposite on the color wheel). For example, if you have green eyes, use burnt orange shades to draw attention to the area. Be careful to apply it to the edges of your eye, and not the entire eyelid. Blend well with a lighter color.

– Resist the urge to use black or very dark fur 3d mink eyelashes or eyeshadow as this will tend to overpower your eyes and make them seem to disappear into the darkness. Use light colors, especially those with a slight shimmer, to create a sense of space and light on your face.

– If you have dark circles under your fur 3d mink eyelashes, use a well-chosen concealer beneath your foundation. This will again remove any darkness around your eye, and give it a larger appearance.

fur 3d mink eyelashes
fur 3d mink eyelashes

– Open up your fur 3d mink eyelashes even more by curling your lashes and applying a light layer of mascara.


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