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Tightlining Your Eyeliner to Enhance Your Eyelashes

I’ve always been haunted by thin eyelashes. Anything that I can do to thicken my eyelash extension glue, or to make them appear thicker, I do it. One of these things is called tightlining.

eyelash extension glue
eyelash extension glue

Thmne  Tightlining, as the name suggests, involves lining your eyes with eyeliner tighter than regular (from the top) applications of eyeliner. With tightlining, the eyeliner is pushed into the eyelash extension glue, creating a far more natural look.

I don’t use eyeliner pencils for this, since it seems to mess my eyelash extension glueup, poking them in all different directions. Gel liners work, but you can use eyeshadow in a pinch if you’re careful.

To start, grab your gel eyeliner and a small, narrow makeup brush. Hold your eyelid up with one hand while applying the eyeliner from the bottom, making sure to push it through the eyelash extension glue. I was paranoid about poking myself in the eye at first, but I got over it. With the brush there, wiggle it slightly side to side to apply the eyeliner, then move to the next part of your eye. Dragging the brush won’t work here, since you’ll be brushing your eyelashes all over the place.

The same applies to your lower lashes, except that you don’t have to hold your eyelid up.

eyelash extension glue
eyelash extension glue

If you’ve done it right, the bases of your eyelash extension glue will appear darker. After adding mascara into the mix, I can actually see my eyelashes, which is amazing by itself. I can still apply slight winging to the eyeshadow (pulling the outside of the eyeliner into the crease on the outside of the eye) without it looking too noticeably unnatural.


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