Pre Wedding Women Wellness Manual

Pre wedding women wellness is a manual for women who are planning to get married; it is a guide on how to look after your mind, body and soul and it also helps you keep your nerves under control. Preparing a wedding list can be stressful and you can easily forget the necessities like accessories, cake decorations, gifts for the guests, booking a hairdresser and most importantly your personal customized own brand lashes artist to make you look beautiful on the big day.

customized own brand lashes
customized own brand lashes

Thmne Getting married can be a very challenging task; you should have support from family and friends or book a wedding planner if budget permits. It should be the most precious day of your life, so this means by looking your absolute best on your special day, looking stunning will be on top of any woman’s wedding wish list.

Bridal customized own brand lashes should be very special on your wedding day; and should be applied by a professional, and the makeup should be long lasting, every bride should not only look beautiful, but should feel beautiful within. As we all know beauty starts from the inside, so this guide will help show you 10 easy steps, which will help you be prepared for your wedding day.

Step 1: Book and secure your customized own brand lashes artist, reserve an appointment for about 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding day, so you can practise the look you want to achieve on your special day. The wedding day is also special for close family and friends, so consider booking an appointment for the whole bridal party if budget permits.

Step 2: Book an appointment with your chosen customized own brand lashes artist, so she can take you on a makeup shopping trip to help choose your foundation, remember it is always handy to buy two shades, if you are buying in the summer as your skin complexion could change from the time you had your consultation to the actual wedding day.

Step 3: Eat smart and choose whole grains, fruits fresh greens and proteins such as fish and beans like lentils and chickpeas, avoid too much red meat and pork as this can make you gain pounds and make your skin look drawn.

Step 4: Drink loads of water, preferably spring water to hydrate the skin and flush out all the toxins in your body, if you are a person who suffers with anxiety, try couple drops of flower essence in your water, this will help calm your mind, body and soul.

Step 5: Try exercise at least 2-3 times a week to strengthen your body and keep you customized own brand lashes.

Step 6: Take regular baths, rather than showers try using Epsom or sea salt, why not try adding couple of drops of essential oils to your bath water, Lavender is a good all rounder and it is known for its calming qualities. In the meantime burn a candle and play soothing music, this will help calm you and help you be still within, and this will help you get as much sleep as possible until the special day.

Step 7: Do not use a tanning bed before your wedding day, if you require more colour to your skin, you can use a good bronzer or use a self tanning cream, but please test all products weeks before your special day.

Step 8: Do not try new customized own brand lashes products on the very day of your wedding, you don’t want to waste time and you can’t afford for anything to go wrong.

Step 9: Cleanse tone and moisturise should be every woman’s ritual, but why not book your self a course of beauty facials and a deep cleanse facial and a full body massage. This will work wonders and make you feel relaxed and at ease.

customized own brand lashes
customized own brand lashes

Step 10: Pack a wedding day customized own brand lashes bag, which should consist of correctors, concealer, foundation stick, lip balm and lip colour, lip liner, perfume for top ups, tissues, wipes, mirror and a pack of mints, so you can remain looking fresh and beautiful throughout the day.

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