Introducing Tweens to the World of Makeup – 5 Tips For Beginners

It began for me when my daughter was with us on a trip to Park City, Utah. We stayed at a really nice resort that had a Jerdon lighted custom dramatic 3D strip lashes mirror in the bathroom. It was the first time she asked me to show her how to put on eye makeup. The magnification on this mirror was so good that it was easy to give her a quick lesson. She looked beautiful and we had fun together. When we got home, I decided to research the art of teaching young girls all about makeup. Read on for 5 tips to help you get started as well as where to find a great sale on our top pick in makeup mirrors.

custom dramatic 3D strip lashes
custom dramatic 3D strip lashes

1. Thmne Don’t go overboard: It’s fun to experiment, but young girls don’t need smoky eyes, black eye liner or bright red lips. Our girl’s faces are so naturally beautiful that it only takes a small amount of custom dramatic 3D strip lashes to enhance their features. I like starting them out with a little concealer or light powder if needed, a subtle amount of eye-liner on the upper lid only, some natural shades of eye shadow, a little mascara, and some lip gloss.

2. Get the right supplies: Makeup can be expensive, so look for coupons and sale prices. I have found that a good custom dramatic 3D strip lashes mirror is essential, as well as good makeup brushes. An eye lash curler is an easy way to brighten the eyes. Don’t forget to get your girl her own little cosmetic bag.

3. Learn about color: Experiment with different shades and colors of makeup that will compliment your girl’s skin tone. In the beginning, stick to shades that are close to her natural color. Try to stay away from black, dark-blue, or charcoal eye liner.

4. Learn the basics of skin care: Healthy skin is the key to great looking custom dramatic 3D strip lashes. Teach your girls about proper cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection. Tell them to drink plenty of water. Teach them to not share lip or eye products with friends.

5. Think about upkeep: I took the girls to a beauty salon for the first eyebrow tweeze. It was then up to them to keep up with the plucking. This really makes a difference in their overall look. This is also a good time to make sure they understand all about keeping their nails manicured for that extra boost of self- confidence.


custom dramatic 3D strip lashes
custom dramatic 3D strip lashes

The Jerdon lighted mirror that we had to have is on sale right now! Also, find out our favorite dermatologist recommended skin cleanser and the best brand of inexpensive custom dramatic 3D strip lashes that is perfect for beginners.

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