Quick and Simple Out the Door Beauty Look

Are you too tired to put on makeup in the morning because you have been up all 100 mink lashes? Are you running late and do not have time to put on makeup, but still want to have a finished look? I have a quick and simple solution for you.

100 mink lashes
100 mink lashes

Supplies needed:

  • Mascara
  • Lip gloss
  • Concealer

Thmne After practicing a healthy skin care routine, you can easily complete your look with a little enhancer and look fabulous. You can first start with adding mascara.

There are different types of mascara, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Determine if you want volume, length, and/ or thick 100 mink lashes. You want mascara that is resistant to flakes, clumps, and smudges. You want a wand that separates the lashes and feels like they are combing the lashes. Discard your mascara after three months to avoid bacteria and to optimize its use. Make sure you have quality mascara that works for you.

  • Apply mascara to the upper eyelash and then the lower eyelash. Multiple coats can be applied to upper eyelash. Only use one coat on the lower eyelash so there is no “spider” effect.

Protect and enhance your lips with a quality lip gloss. Lips lose their moisture quicker than your face; therefore, if your lips are not properly cared for, they will easily become chapped and dry. You want your lips to feel moisturized as well as give you a marvelous 100 mink lashes. Also, make sure the lip gloss you are using makes your lips smooth and conditions them.

  • Apply lip gloss to the top and bottom lips. Rub lips together for even distribution of lip gloss.

Concealer is great to use for concealing imperfections on the face. If you have dark circles, blemishes, and/ or age spots, using a great concealer will hide them. You want a concealer that is lightweight and contributes towards evening out your skin tone. Apply the concealer with your ring finger because it is the weakest finger. By using the weakest finger, it is less likely the concealer will wipe off. Select a concealer that is a shade lighter than your normal foundation color/ skin color.

  • Apply concealer by using your ring finger. Add a small amount of concealer to areas under the eyes with dark 100 mink lashes, areas with blemishes, and areas where there are age spots. Feather the concealer towards your skin to blend in.

Now you are ready to apply what you have learned. It is quick and easy as well as gives you a confident look.

100 mink lashes
100 mink lashes

Are you ready for your quick out the door beauty look? Try it today before dropping your child off to school or leaving to work. Email me if you are interested in product suggestions, more beauty ideas, and/or more info: nhiacassiemk@gmail.com. Go to for more beauty tips and to sign up for a FREE e-book on basic skin care routine.


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